DIETETIC INCOMPATIBILITIES – Foods that don’t go together!

When two or more foods having different tastes, energy and post digestive effects are combined and consumed, can create a negative reaction and produce toxins in the body. This is called Dietetic Incompatibilities. POOR FOOD COMBINATIONS: The following list highlights some of the food combinations worth avoiding: MILK with Fish MILK with any Meat MILK after consuming Radish, Garlic, Drumstick (leaves are used in food supplements and as a condiment in foods, common name – Sahajan/Shigru/Shobhaanjan), Java tea (Arjak, a variety of Tulasi), Samukh & Surasaa Tulsi (often added inRead more about DIETETIC INCOMPATIBILITIES – Foods that don’t go together![…]

Hyperacidity & Gas in Ayurveda

Our Stomach has Acids that help in digesting the food we eat. When digestion is not proper, the Acid levels increase, which leads to Hyperacidity. DOSHAS INVOLVED: In Ayurveda, digestive acids are correlated with Pitta element present in the stomach. Aggravation and imbalance of Pitta causes Hyperacidity. The food is not digested properly and quickly and cannot move through the system aggravating Kapha element. Instead, undigested food sits in the stomach and undergoes fermentation, producingRead more about Hyperacidity & Gas in Ayurveda[…]

Healthy Diet for Rainy season

Healthy Diet for Rainy season: 1. Old Grains (barley, wheat, rice). 2. Old Grape Wine, Old Honey. 3. Warm Soup of pulses containing a little cow ghee. 4. The soup should contain a pinch of salt & Panchkol which improve the digestion     power. 5. Drink boiled and cooled water. 6. Light diet that can be digested easily. 7. When days are cold due to heavy rains; take a diet that is sour, saltyRead more about Healthy Diet for Rainy season[…]

Are you retired & still working?

Population changes have the potential to seriously challenge your ability to attract and maintain the workforce you need. It’s time to take action to ensure that you are well prepared to overcome the challenges– longer life expectancy, low birth rates and retirees are set to leave the workforce in large numbers. It becomes necessary to identify the roles, individuals, and competencies which are leaving and identifying the requirements to fill these gaps. Skill shortages mayRead more about Are you retired & still working?[…]

Relation between ‘Tastes of food’ & ‘Strength of Body’

An ideal diet incorporates ‘the Six Tastes’ prescribed in Ayurveda. Daily consumption of diet incorporating all the six tastes is the Most Strengthening. Regular diet of the same taste is the Most Weakening. These six tastes are: Madhura (Sweet, e.g. honey, dates, rice, wheat, milk, fruits like mango ). Amla (Sour, e.g. citrus fruits like lemons, fermented products, yoghurt, vinegar). Lavana (Salty, e.g. salt) Katu (Pungent, e.g. red pepper, black pepper, mustard, ginger, garlic, onion). TiktaRead more about Relation between ‘Tastes of food’ & ‘Strength of Body’[…]