Use of 1 year old Cereals & Pulses is beneficial

According to Ayurveda classics: “Cereals & Pulses must be used between 1 – 2 years after their production” New grains should be avoided as they are heavy to digest, undergo improper digestion, increase secretions in the digestive channels making the food sticky and causing blockage of the channels. This further aggravates indigestion and heaviness. ​ Long term intake of New grains is considered to be one of the cause of manifestation of Prameh which isRead more about Use of 1 year old Cereals & Pulses is beneficial[…]

Ripe Coconut Fruit

“Nutritious & Strengthening” An EXCELLENT choice of fruit for those who frequently suffer from HYPERACIDITY. ​​ – It has a Sweet taste and a COOLING potency. Balances Vata & Pitta. – Aphrodisiac – Carminative & Anti-diarrohoeal. Useful in treatment of: Hyperacidity Bloating, Gaseous distention of abdomen Peptic & Duodenal ulcers Dysmennorohoea Emaciation Water is useful in treatment of Hiccups, Fever, Excessive thirst & Burning Sensation An EXCELLENT choice for those who suffer from DISUREA. Fruit Dosage: 10 –Read more about Ripe Coconut Fruit[…]

Asfoetida (Heeng) Properties, Indications, Contra-Indications

Properties: It has a Pungent taste and a HEATING potency. Balances Kapha and Vata. Increases Pitta. It is light & easy to digest, enters deep tissues & can break accumulation of doshas/dhatus/malas. DIGESTIVE, Carminative, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic, Analgesic, Anti-helmintic,  Anti-convulsant, Cardiac tonic, Anti-viral, Expectorant, Urine stimulant, Emmenagogue (ability to provoke menstruation). It is added as a spice for flavouring the food. ​ Indications: Bloating, Abdominal colic pain, Gaseous distention of abdomen, Flatulence and Constipation. Asthma, ChronicRead more about Asfoetida (Heeng) Properties, Indications, Contra-Indications[…]

MUNAKKA (Big Raisins with seeds, Sweet Grapes)

Ayurveda says, “Of all the fruits Munakaa is the best”. It has a Sweet taste and a COOLING potency. It balancess Vata & Pitta. Helps in easy bowel movement, relieves constipation. Throat soothening, Cough relieving & Voice improving. Good for eyes. Useful in treatment of Fever, Respiratory problems including Asthma, Excessive thirst, Burning Sensation & Emaciation. Calms mind and relieves exertion. So, eating Munakaa or Sweet Grapes is a good option if you feel tired,Read more about MUNAKKA (Big Raisins with seeds, Sweet Grapes)[…]