AJAGALLIKA (Molluscum Contagiosum)

It is a poxvirus infection which affects primarily young children. Individual lesions are smooth surfaced, skin coloured, firm, painless, Mudga size pearly papules. A central umbilication is characteristic.  It is a Kapha-Vataj disorder.


  1. If lesions are limited, nicking the lesions with a needle to express the core is an option. Aggressive treatment may be emotionally traumatic and can cause scarring.
  2. Application of an ointment containing Shuktibhasm, Shuddh Sphatika and Yavaksara many times for 2 to 3 days, or application of Syama, Langali and Patha. As the ointment dries, it should be followed by Vrana-vat treatment.
  3. Pustular lesions are treated as Vrana-vat treatment.
  4. Caustic chemicals should not be used on Atopic skin.

(Source of this photo: https://molluscummom.wordpress.com/)

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