MUNAKKA (Big Raisins with seeds, Sweet Grapes)

Ayurveda says, “Of all the fruits Munakaa is the best”. It has a Sweet taste and a COOLING potency. It balancess Vata & Pitta.
Helps in easy bowel movement, relieves constipation.
Throat soothening, Cough relieving & Voice improving.
Good for eyes.
Useful in treatment of Fever, Respiratory problems including Asthma, Excessive thirst, Burning Sensation & Emaciation.
Calms mind and relieves exertion. So, eating Munakaa or Sweet Grapes is a good option if you feel tired, burnt out or stressed.
Used in treating the hang over due to excessive alcohol intake. It also reduces the effect of alcohol on body.

Method of intake: Soak 5-10 munakkas in water for 5-6 hours. Throw away the water and rinse munakkas with fresh water. Eat munakkas after taking out the seeds.

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