Relation between ‘Tastes of food’ & ‘Strength of Body’

An ideal diet incorporates ‘the Six Tastes’ prescribed in Ayurveda. Daily consumption of diet incorporating all the six tastes is the Most Strengthening. Regular diet of the same taste is the Most Weakening. These six tastes are:

  1. Madhura (Sweet, e.g. honey, dates, rice, wheat, milk, fruits like mango ).
  2. Amla (Sour, e.g. citrus fruits like lemons, fermented products, yoghurt, vinegar).
  3. Lavana (Salty, e.g. salt)
  4. Katu (Pungent, e.g. red pepper, black pepper, mustard, ginger, garlic, onion).
  5. Tikta (Bitter, e.g. bitter gourd, neem).
  6. Kashaya (Astringent, e.g. unripe bananas).

Diets tasting Madhura….Kashay individually have their strengthening effects in the decreasing order. Thus, Madhur is the Most Strengthening, and Kashay is the Least Strengthening.

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